About vaping

About vaping


Vaping is the work of breathing in an aerosol created by a vaping item, such as for example an electronic tobacco cigarette. Vaping doesn’t need burning like using tobacco. These devices heats a fluid into a vapour, which in turn can become aerosol. This vapour is often flavoured and that can include smoking.

Vaping devices usually are battery-powered. They might include detachable components. Vaping services and products have numerous names, including:

  • mods
  • vapes
  • sub-ohms
  • vape pencils
  • e-hookahs
  • tank systems
  • electronic cigarettes / e-cigarettes
  • electronic delivery that is nicotine (ENDS)

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Vaping devices

Many vaping devices consist of a:

  • battery pack
  • mouthpiece
  • heating element
  • chamber, such as for instance a tank or reservoir to contain a fluid solution

Most vaping devices utilize electric power from a battery pack to warm a fluid solution. More →