Activities to do after good intercourse

Activities to do after good intercourse

The cuddling up can wait. Some tips about what you should do!

Wipe your private area by having a moderate, fragrance-free detergent, after sex to prevent the possibility of microbial infection.

What now ? after intercourse?

Would you cuddle as much as one another for a little?

Can you change and go to sleep instantly?

Or can you perhaps go right to the restroom?

We focus a complete lot om everything we do throughout the deed, not on activities to do after intercourse.

But exactly what you are doing after intercourse is very important and then we’re not only speaking about cuddling here.

Your post-coitus behaviour might have a huge affect your quality of life.

So just how should you choose to go about investing very first couple of minutes post sex? Well, we possess the responses.

To make sure your health that is reproductive is, it is possible to follow these important actions.

Urinate when you’re done

Urinating post intercourse can possibl More →