Agony Aunt: All About relationship and sex advice

Agony Aunt: All About relationship and sex advice

The agony aunt extends to the center of the intercourse and relationship issues


Q. Our youngest child is almost 40 but she still lives in the home, and also the older we obtain the more she bullies us. My better half has simply resigned and we’d desperately prefer to take full advantage of our retirement years together but our child treats us like young ones additionally the environment within the household is terrible. So what can we do?

A. There is certainly a solution that is simple this dilemma. Phone a household meeting and announce that now your husband has resigned you will be downsizing and intending to proceed to a smaller house – without a free bed room. Don’t stand for any arguments – just say it then get it done. And don’t feel obliged to offer your child a share of this profits to get an accepted host to her own. With you rent-free, she should have saved a tidy sum if she has been working and living.

Q. My pal has started seeing a brand new man and her character changed instantaneously. She was once feisty and strong, however now she sits here just like a Barbie doll if she tries to say something he shuts her up while he bangs on with his opinions, and. More →